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Interactive Panels (Games)

Name that Anime Tune!
The Anime Music Challenge provided by Dowase Entertainment is a Jeopordy inspired game which brings contestants up to the stage to guess Anime and Video Game related songs, mostly OP's and ED's. If the selected contestants cannot guess the song correctly, the question goes to the audience for minor prizes. This panel was first held at Anime Kaigi 2012, and has been held at various conventions ever since, including Con-Nichiwa, Phoenix Comicon, and Saboten Con, which have all been presented with great success. The interface used for this panel provides user friendly output, and because the game was soft-coded, every variation of the panel provides different experiences and different songs. Buzzers are provided, allowing for better user-interaction and an overall greater time.

Who's that Pokemon!!
A classic in anime and gaming panels, Dowase presents our own version of Who's that Pokemon with a new program developed in-house to give audiences an even better time in this fantastic game. Using buzzers and a program that cycles through images, data, and sound to give the audience an interactive experience they won't soon forget! This panel was first presented at Phoenix Comicon 2015.

New Panel in development!! More Details Coming Soon!

Discussion Panels

Significance of Anime Openings and Endings
This panel provides insight on anime openings and endings by discussing the various techniques and symbolism used in the clips. We also take audience suggestions on which openings are the most insightful, and compare what makes the best opening or ending for a series. This panel uses a powerpoint setup with discussion encouraged from the audience. Dowase Entertainment first provided this panel at Saboten-Con 2013.

Tales of Historia
With the annual release of the Tales of... games in the States, the long time RPG series is finally getting some exposure outside of Japan. But where did the game get its start? Come join Dowase Entertainment as we delve into the history of this jRPG and its unique battle system. This panel gives old fans of the Tales of... series a chance to meet and greet other fans of the series, as well as introduce new fans to this awesome jRPG. Dowase Entertainment first provided this panel at Aselia Con 2014.

Disappointing Anime and Adaptations
Ever watch a series only to be disappointed by its plot progression? Come join Dowase Entertainment as we discuss awful adaptations and poor storytelling and maybe even discuss how these series could have turned out! This panel provides an outlet for audience members to discuss what series failed to meet expectations and the reasons behind their shortcomings. Dowase Entertainment first provided this panel at Taiyou Con 2014

You NEED to Play This!!
Designed by our expert in video games, Dowase is here to bring you information behind games you may or may not have heard of before! Many games go under our radar due to oversaturation, and we easily do not have the time to play each game that gets releasd into the wild. This panel is designed to give others informed opinions about games that really outshined the competition, yet receives little to no press, and we want YOU to know about it. First presented at Sabaku Con 2015.

Flashing Off!! 18+
We've all seen what horrors lie on the internet. We've all gone to NewGrounds and curiously clicked that AO button to see what was on the other side. Flashing Off presents Dowase Entertainment with a chance to delve into the crap stained bowels of the internet and pull out the worst flash games of all time, and spark a discussion on why these abominations exist. 18+ for obvious reasons. First presented at Phoenix Comicon 2015.

New Panel concept in development!! More Details Coming Soon!

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