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Dowase Games was founded by Anthony[acev] in 2006 as titled "Game Creation Team". Unfortunately, the project was abandoned and never actually came to light. For the past couple of years, Dowase Entertainment merely sat in the shadows, waiting to be awakened again. To avoid abandoning the label forever, Business in Mayhem was created, and a personal blog was placed in the spotlight of the website. Now, in 2013, Dowase Games Entertainment was changed to Dowase Entertainment, due to the success of panels at Anime Kaigi 2012, Con-Nichiwa 2013, Aselia-Con 2013, and Phoenix Comicon 2013. While the game creation aspect of the site has not been forgotten, Dowase has been expanded to fit a panelist group, and a game creation team.

Dowase Entertainment currently holds various panels at conventions, ranging from our original "Name that Anime Tune!" to our gaming discussion "Tales of Historia." We are currently working on holding more panels at future events. If you would like to contact Dowase Entertainment, please contact Anthony[acev] at "anthony.vann[at]"

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