Dowase Entertainment 2014

Name that Anime Tune!!

Back in 2012, I wanted to create a music trivia challenge that required little effort in judgement. Most panels that I had attended with this theme in mind were very unstructured and had much room for error. I love anime OP's and ED's, so I wanted to create a game where others could guess and show off their knowledge of these fantastic songs. Thus, the Anime Music Challenge was born. Nowadays, it's just referenced as 'Name That Anime Tune,' but I do enjoy its original name.

On August 2016, the current available version was updated. Now available to the public is the version we used to run our panels, which is now available for everyone. This current release is the program we have been using until January 2016. Our official program for our panels uses a new sound engine, providing a vastly better experience for everyone.

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