Day 9: Robotics;Notes (2012)


For those who may not know, I am a huge Sci;Adv fan and I love all of the releases in the series. After I started Chaos;Head and delved into the delusions of paranoia, reality, and twistedness, I was hooked. With Steins;Gate being my favorite of the three (thus far), let’s find out where Robotics;Notes takes place in my mind of openings.

First off, I can say that I was shocked and disappointed when I realized Kanako Itou was not performing the opening, but rather Zwei. However, this opening still rocked and demonstrated it was not to be messed with. With the song including references to prior games in the series, to showcasing the vast array of characters, this opening really just sticks to you when you think about it. Really though, this entry into the series was rather lackluster, but the opening still creates hype and anticipation for me today. Not to mention the subtle nods to the future plot in this opening, and you have an awesome, enjoyable, rockin’ opening.

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