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Maple Story – Beta Version

The MapleStory Soundtrack has been moved to this page for easy access. The old page will no longer be updated.

Welcome to the MapleStory Soundtrack provided by Dowase! This list contains every song from MapleStory (This page has not been updated since June 2011) and puts them in an easy access database. You are free to download and enjoy the tracks.

Complete Compilation

Maple Island | Victoria Island | Rien | Ancient Victoria | El Nath Mts. | Aquarium | Ludus Lake | Minar’s Forest | Time Temple | Ereb | Nihal Desert | Mu Lung Garden | Masteria | Edelstein |Japan | Taiwan | Thailand | Singapore | Malaysia | China | User Interface | Special Tracks | MapleGlobal Tunes | Unused Tracks


Maple Island

MapleStory Training Camp

Welcome to Maplestory! Here, you will learn the basics of the game!


Destroyed Maple Island(jMS)

Elfwood, the mysterious track that is finally being used once again in jMS! Rejoice!


Victoria Island

Lith Harbor

Apon ariving in Victoria, you will be in Lith Harbor. Here, you can learn about the island.



The Main Theme of Henesys, the town of Bowmen. However, it is also a very popular hotspot for players.

The Henesys Market. A good place to sell and buy items, as well as visit the Free Market located here.

To the left of Henesys, there are many training grounds, such as the popular Henesys Hunting Grounds I. It also can be used to go to Lith Harbor or Kerning City.

To the right of Henesys, lies the path to Ellinia. Also, there is the famous map for pigs, as an alterative for Pig Beach.

Welcome Evan, to the beginning of your destiny, as you travel the land of your dream.


Kerning City

The theme of Kerning City. A polluted urban area in MapleStory, it is worn and beat down.

If you are playing in a NEXON approved Internet Cafe, you can access the 1.5xp rate in the Internet Cafe in MapleStory. Not in Global at the moment.

The infamous L-Forests of Kerning City. These maps are well known for being a pain to navigate.

The subway of Kerning City. Well known for it’s Jump Quests and monsters. Also, is used for a couple World Tour Transports in some versions.

The Jungle in the Sewers of Kerning City. This is the path to the dungeon, where only a few are strong enough to enter.

The battle between the Dark Lord and the daughter has begun! Join the elite and become a Dual Blade in this hidden palace!



Welcome to Perion, the town of Warriors

The path to the dungeon is dangerous, and dry if you take the Perion Dungeon Route.

The Guild Quest in Perion. Dangerous, and will require much teamwork.

The interior of the Castles of Perion. Many dangerous monsters lay hidden here.

The Waterways of the Perion Castle. The Guild Quest ends near here.

The boss of the Guild Quest has been summoned. Can your Guild kill him?



Ellinia is a town of Nature and Magic. Magicians come to learn from their master.

The southern parts of Ellinia are soft and traquil.

Inside the trees of Ellinia, there are monsters hiding. Some nice training spots lie here.


Sleepywood (Dungeon)

The Main Theme of the Hidden Town of Sleepywood. If you continue any further into the dungeon, you will enter the Ant Tunnel. This is the final stop before continuing on into the dungeon.

The Ant Tunnel. It is the begining of your trip in the dungeon.

The last part of the Dungeon. This place contains monsters that should only be dealt with at a respectable level.


Nautilus Port

The mysterious Nautilus Port. It contains the Pirate Job Advancement!

The inside of the ship of Nautilius. The job advancement instructors reside here.


Florina Beach

Welcome to Florina Beach, where your tropical desires are fufilled!


Amorian Village

Welcome to Amoria, the town of Love! Get Wedded today and participate in plenty of fun quests!

The Chapel Weddings are fun and exciting!

The Cathedral Weddings are formal and proper.

One of the benefits of Marriage, is the Amorian Party Quest!


HappyVille (Event Town)

Welcome to the Christmas Inspired HappyVille! Unfortunately, this tune will no longer be played in Happyville.

Welcome to the new Happyville! This tune really does attempt to recreate a fun, happy Christmas!


Coke Town (Event Town)

Welcome to CokeTown. This town was made under consent of Coke-Cola, and is only in kMS



Rien – The Village of Aran

Wake up, dear Aran. It’s time for you to awake, as it’s been a loong time…

Seeing your long slumber, why don’ you try out your skills in the training areas?

Welcome to Rien! Not much is here, but snow and the legendary Aran…

Eh? The legendary “Aran” has returned? Bah, I’ll put him to the test in my training gym!


Ancient Victoria

Ellin Forest

Before the past events of Victoria, Ellin was a forest deep in the past. Discover the secrets via Time Room in Ludi

The Party Quest of Ellin. Defeat the evil monsters that hide in this dark land.


El Nath Mts.


The Boat Ride to Orbis is slow, but gives many time to communicate with other players.

When Balrogs invade the ship, you better avoid them. The cabin is the safest place!

Welcome to Orbis, the land of the Sky!

Welcome to the Orbis Tower, where the Party Quest Awaits!

The Orbis Party Quest. Team up and finish the quest!

The Orbis Party Quest Boss has summoned! Can you and your teammates kill it?



Welcome to Krease, the “story” dungeon in Orbis, regarding the ancient Greek Myths.

The fields of Krease hold many wondrous enemies.

The Kreese Colosseum! Prepare to fight the ancient Gods of mythology!


El Nath

At the bottom of Orbis Tower lies the ice cold town of El Nath

On the fields of El Nath, many powerful monsters lie ahead

Climbing the Mountains is not easy. Many strong monsters will block your path. Where are you headed? Who knows…

After reaching the tops, you can enter the mines and travel inside the mountains

The Fiery Pits of El Nath Mountains are now in sight. Many monsters from hell will block your passage.

An ancient monster lives at the bottom of the mountain. To summon it, you’ll need some materials…time for the Zakum Party Quest!

Eheheh, you finally got the item, assembled a party, and are ready to summon. Welcome to the Hell, in Zakum’s Altar.

The Summoning was a Success! Now, can you really take on the undefeatable Zakum?

Lionheart Castle

Lionheart, a man who gave his soul to the Black Magician, owns a castle deep in the El Nath Mts. Strong monsters await those who enter.

The top of the castle holds many secrets. NPC’s may tell you the story of Lionheart’s distress.

Lionheart has revealed his true form! Can you stop his rage and defeat this beast?


Aqua Road

Aqua Road

Accessable via Orbis Tower or Korean Folk Town, it’s Aqua Road!

The heart of Aqua Road. The Aquarium. Here travelers take a nice relaxing stay at the Zoo and Shops.

Near the surface the ocean changes and the sunlight appears.

The dangerous Aqua Dungeon awaits. The deep waters of Aqua hide this dungeon.

Once inside the dungeon, you will be able to fight the boss of the Sea.


Ludus Lake

Ludibrium and EOS/Helios Tower

Board the Boat to Ludibrium and take off!

Welcome to Ludibrium, the land of Toys!

Entering the Clocktower will take you to an amazing Toy Factory!

By venturing deeper into the clocktower, you discover new territory. Welcome to the Path of Time.

Taking the right path, you venture into the Forgotten Path of Time.

The second part of Forgotten Path of Time.

You have almost reached the deepest part of the Clocktower. Here, a powerful monster guards the bottom

By taking the left path in the Path of Time, you will venture into the Warped Path of Time

The second part of Warped Path of Time.

The left side of the bottom of the clocktower holds another powerful monster, guarding the center.

The Boss of the ClockTower has been summoned! Team up and destory him!

By entering EOS or Helios tower, you are now ready to go to the bottom.

Welcome to the Ludibrium Party Quest located on the 101st Floor of EOS Tower!

The Darkness portion of the Party Quest. Kill the unseen monster!

The boss of the Ludibrium Party Quest has been summoned. Think your party can take him?

On your way down the EOS Tower, you will be able to venture down the wonderful exterior of the tower.


Omega Sector

At the bottom of EOS Tower, lies the Alien infested Omega Sector!

Welcome to the huge underground Omega Sector Silo. Here you will find all you need to prepare yourself.

The aliens are here! Right at the outskirts of Omega, lie many alien creatures.

The other species of aliens lie next to the other aliens. Now it’s time to kill the the Greys!


Korean Folk Town

Lying at the bottom of Helios Tower, is the Korean FolkLand! Explore and learn about Korean Folktales, and recovery the missing books!

The fields of Korean Folk Town are in a Nighttime setting, making it nice and soft.


Minar Forest


Welcome, to Leafre. The town of the 4th Job Advancement.

The outskirts of Leafre are nice and peaceful…other than the strong monsters.

Venturing around Leafre is fun, no? Yes, this is another track around Leafre, with Centars.

The Red Forests of Leafre. Only the strong tend to enter here.

After the Red Forests, you enter the Icy Fields of Leafre. This is one of the best 4th Job Training spots.

The HornTail Party Quest begins…are you able to make it?

The Dragon Emerges, but can you really defeat it?

A mysterious Dragon Rider has arrived! What are his connections to the Dark Magician, and can the power of the maplers stop him?


Time Temple

Temple of Time

The Time Temple awaits! What dangers lie in this castle in the heavens?

One section of the Time Temple contains this music. Reasons for the name are unknown.

Another section of the Time Temple. Another name of unknown origin.

The third section of the Time Temple. A name full of forgotten memories.

I would assume this is for some maps of the maps the smaller bosses spawn on.

The boss of the Time Temple has awoken. The power of time is against you. Can you win?



The Ereb Island

Welcome to Ereb! The rain sprays on the flowers like a sunny day!

The Queen’s Garden is where you may learn about the forgotten Cygnus Classes!

The hall of honour. Will you be able to place your name in the legendary chamber?

The Wings of Black. The beast has fallen to an unfortunate prey.


Nihal Desert


Journey to/in the Desert.

Town lost in the Desert. Enter, Ariant!

Lost in the Desert. Journey to undiscovered teritory!

The Ariant Colosseum has risen! Fight your way to victory!



Fight in the City! Enter, Magatia! Town of Alchemy!


Mu Lung Garden

Mu Lung Town

Welcome to Mu Lung. A town influenced by Korean Tradition

The outskirts of Mu Lung.


Mu Lung PQ

The Mu Lung PQ has been released! Finish this quest enough times, and earn your belt of wonders!

Your quest is not complete! Finish the PQ! There is still more up ahead!

The never ending tower just keeps going up…and up…

The top is near! Finish your final battles!


Herb Town

The Pirates of Herb Town have come! Fend them off!

Herb Town, where Herbs come alive.



New Leaf City

From the depths of the Sea, Masteria has re-risen! The mayor has built a special town, New Leaf City, to cast away the past and renew your life!

The Jungle of the Past has now opened! However, it has changed much from the past, and has some futuristic value to it.

Deep within Bigger Ben, lies the ancient Mesogears. There is believed to be a very strong monster here…


Crimsonwood Mountains

The Prendergast Mansion, where all the toys were made back in the day, is haunted by a very mysterious ghost. Check it out today!

The Phantom Forest, located in the Crimsonwood Region in Masteria, has been opened!

In the Phantom Forest lies the dreadful Bigfoot, known to attack anyone who attempts to travel to the Keep.

Welcome to the Crimsonwood Mountains, as you begin your long, dreadful climb up the mountains to the Keep.


Crimsonwood Keep

The Inside of Crimsonwood Keep is accessable! Come feel the AWESOMENESS of Crimsonwood Keep!!!

The Courtyard of the Keep. A dark and gloomy presence haunts your stay.

Welcome to the Crimsonwood Party Quest. Are you willing to brave the horrors of the Keep itself?

The Four Grandmasters are here! See if you have the power to win the battle ahead!


Leben Mines


Welcome to Edelstein, the city with Resistance. Perhaps the Dark Magician’s presence is stronger here than other places?

Right outside Edelstein, lies areas deemed appropriate for training new Resistance members. Be wary of how far you travel though…

The summit of the mountain holding Leben Mine. Enjoy the breezy skies, as they’ll soon be gone while you venture deeper into the mine.

Contained in the dark Leben Mine, Gelimer Labs provides means to extract ore from the mountain.

Restricted mining areas in the Leben Mine. Strong monsters reside here, making the area ill-suited to those unworthy.


World Tour


Mushroom Shrine

Welcome to the Mushroom Shrine, where the World Tour was born!

The Cemetary of Zipangu. Where the special Spa Map of Bains is located.


Showa Town

Welcome to Showa, the city of Zipangu. The first map to have real human enemies.

The old Showa Song. Removed for some reason. Why do these songs get removed? They’re nice =D

The Bath House of Showa. It offers special deals and towns scrolls!

The mansion in Showa. It holds some of the strongest bosses in the game of MapleStory.


Kaede Castle

Kaede Castle Trap!

Inside Kaede Castle

Outside Kaede Castle

Enter, Kaede Castle Boss!


Future Japan

Welcome to the Akiabara of the future.

Kamuna has also gone under a drastic change in the future.

Odaiba, the town of Japan that was built on artificial soil.

This is the office of Future Japan.

Japan’s parks have become littered with robots. Can you stop them?

The beautiful sky of Tokyo…is in ruins.




One of the best World Tour Towns to date, is Formosa. Welcome to Taiwan, and explore the city of Ximending!


Night Market

Venturing to deep withing Ximending will take you to the legendary Night Market of Formosa. This is where the legendary Snack Bar boss is located.

Once in the safety of the Market, the awesomeness comes to life!


Taipei 101

Welcome to the Dream. Mall of 101 Floors.

On the Journey to the Dream. Subway to Taipei 101

To the Top of the Dream. Taipei 101 hunting maps.



Thai Floating Market

The Floating Market of Thailand has arrived! Venture to this town and explore Thailand’s culture!

Venture outside and find monsters of the greatest strength! Well, not really.


Golden Temple

Welcome to the Golden Temple Forests. Hidden in the deep Floating Market, this represents much of Thailand’s Culture.

Welcome to Golden Temple! Here you can find various NPC’s and quests that can help you understand Thailand!

Hidden in the Temple, there is a dungeon. This dungeon has many strong monsters, including a monster compariable in strength to the strongest monsters in the game.




Fresh from the Airport, comes Singapore!

Leave the Airport, and explore the wonders of Singapore.


Boat Quay Town

Welcome to the Ports of Singapore.

Explore the ends of the ocean by Singapore

One of the Singapore ships are haunted. Explore this boat and eliminate the ghosts!


Ulu City

Maple’s newest SouthEast Asia attraction, the Ulu Town. Known for it’s mystery, it hides in the depth of Singapore.




Welcome to the Metropolis of Malaysia! Enjoy your stay!

A really dark themed amusement park is released. It really doesn’t seem happy at all.




Welcome to Shanghai of China. One of the worst World Tour towns training-wise created!

Outside of Shanghai lies a farmlike area. Welcome to the Shanghai Farms.

Deep within the ashes, lies Shanghai’s original song.

Duplicate Song warning. This song was Shanghai Field, and exactly the same as Yo Taipei. Which came first, nobody knows.



Deep within Chinese Maple Story, lies the ancient town of Yuyuan.

Player vs. Player contest! Who will win this god-awful event?!


Shaolin Temple

Welcome to Mount Song Town! Enjoy this peaceful chinese town.

The Hall of the Great Sage Field! Come fight some of the worst HP/EXP ratios in the game!

The boss has arrived! Defeat the most awesome exp source in the game!

The Grand Hall of the Great Sages. Relax in this part of the town.

The Library! Attack some of the monsters guarding the boss.


English Town?!

The English School for those in China. After all, English is a requirement.


Summer Boat Event

Summer Boat Event number one! Explore some of China’s ancient traditions with this event!

Summer Boat Event number two! Explore some of China’s ancient traditions with this event!

Summer Boat Event number three! Explore some of China’s ancient traditions with this event!


Other Tracks (UI and Special)

User Interface

The lovely calming music of the Title Screen.

The first Japanese cover of the Title Screen. Simply titled, “Memories of Maple Story”.

The second Japanese cover of the Title Screen. Titled, “Divinity”.

The third Japanese cover of the Title Screen. Titled, “Sakura Pop”.

The fourth Japanese cover of the Title Screen. Titled, “Hajimarino Story”.

The fifth Japanese cover of the Title Screen. Titled, “Nanaironosekai”.

Nexon’s Trademark Jingle (Replaced by new blockparty jingle)

Nexon America’s blockparty jingle. Contains new animation with characters from new website design.

Wizet’s Trademark Jingle

AsiaSoft’s Trademark Logo

Welcome to the Cash Shop. Where your hard earned money is used!


Special Tracks


Welcome to the Pachinko Room!

Begin! Game 1!

Begin! Game 2!

End! Game 1!

End! Game 2!

Reach! Checkpoint A!

Reach! Checkpoint B!

Reach! Checkpoint C!

Reach! Checkpoint D!

Reach! Checkpoint E!

Reach! Checkpoint F!

Reach! Checkpoint G!

Reach! Checkpoint H!

Reach! Checkpoint I!

Reach! Checkpoint J!



The Congratulation Song in Maple. Bought via Cash Shop Item.

Yay! Someone used the Hearty Party Bear from the Cash Shop! Time to celebrate!

OMG HAX. It’s a GM Event!.

Time is almost up. Better hurry!

To celebrate Maple’s anniversary, many versions decided to use this special track in their event maps!

The Korean Sheep and Wolf event. Based on a folktale.


MapleGlobal Tunes

The song used when NXGames introduced the Third Job. Remix of the Orbis Tune.

The promotion song used by Nexon for advertising new classes, jobs, or areas. Previously used for Aran.


Unused Tracks

The strange track in the jMS data has been identified as a song by the FUNKY MONKEY BABIES. It is not related to the game, however, due to the fact it is in the data, it will continue to stay here.

I haven’t the faintest idea as to where this is located in the game. Perhaps I am wrong, but I will search more later.

Should belong in Ant Tunnel, however, it’s not heard anywhere in the game.

Wizet spelled it wrong, and never dealt with it again. It’s a remix of Perion, but never used.

Music for the World and Channel select screen. Not used.

The old Low Grade Ore BGM. Replaced due to “speculated” copyright infringement.

The old Ariant HotDesert BGM. No reason as to why it was replaced.


I do not own any of the music located on this page. All music is copyrighted by Nexon. If requested by the creators of this content, I will take it down.

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  1. Thank you so much for this, but can you please update the entire soundtrack link? The MU link always says it’s temporarily unavailable. :[ (MediaFire is a good host, IMO.)

    1. wait found out that 101building is kerning square. sry for the mistake, but would be better if you renamed ty

  2. Orbis and many other tracks cannot be found. *cries*
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    1. BTW, nice job on getting the tracks. Why did some of the tracks get name changes? Some of the old names fit them better.

  3. Wow. I didn’t notice some of the tracks hadn’t been uploaded to the new space. Lemme update some of the links. Might as well update the database as well.

    As for the names, I can’t tell you why some of the names changed. It could be due to location changes, or reuse of the track. Rar files are a file format similar to zip, and can be opened by programs such as WinRAR and 7zip.

  4. Don’t you have mushroom castle soundtrack???

    I want it, ’cause I like it

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    1. I just checked and verified that the megaupload link is working. Perhaps it was an error on megaupload’s behalf, that has been corrected.

    1. There is no separate soundtrack for Big Bang. All the music is still used in Big Bang, and can be found on this page.

      1. and what about chaos?
        Is there the new places BGM’s? (like the profession town/pvp maps and especially future hene and ereve)

        1. Chaos adds some new tracks for PvP, but doesn’t replace any old songs. The future Henesys, Ereve, and profession music are located only in the full download, as it was collected after I stopped updating the main soundtrack. Anything before can be found on this page.

  5. Are these the real track names, for example is the song really called Ant Tunnel or is it called Ancient Move? and so on for the others. I want to know! lol. for all of them in general not just that one

    1. The real song names are based on the actual file names. Everything else is based on my interpretations and experiences.

  6. I downloaded the full list, it’s so messy so I had to categorize every single BGM!
    You can’t know what is the BGM according to the name to it was really hard…

    After like 2 hours of lisening and with some help from this website (I clicked on each BGM to see the file name, so I can know where to put it), I finally have folders of each town, with it’s songs. 🙂

    P.S Should I categorize it even more, like vic island, ossyria, nihal desert… so in every folder, I’ll have town folders and in the town folders their songs?

    P.S.S I noticed that you’re missing some songs in your website.
    I can understand the new BGM like future ereve and all, but I noticed that you don’t have the underground base of Edelstein (where you get the job adv).
    After I finished categorizing all of the BGMs, I listened the “spare” BGMs and tried to identify them, that’s how I know.

    P.S.S.S (sorry for all the P.Ss) Will you add all of the PvP BGMs?

  7. What’s the song used when making a Resistance character after you escape from the lab in the beginning w/ the girl & the guy hangs down from the airship to rescue you? Can you find it?

    1. The song that plays is BlackWing, which is the last song under Ereb Island. The song is a multi use songs, and was introduced in Ereb Island, which is why it’s located there.

  8. Hey, the ‘unused’ track you said should be found in the Ant Tunnel, I’m very sure I’ve heard it before in MSEA. Somewhere where the lower leveled mobs such as zombie, horny mushrooms and evil eyes are found. Yup ant tunnel. Before Big Bang though.

    1. Wait, I’m not too sure. I think it’s a BGM during an Aran quest. Either way, I’m sure as hell I’ve heard it somewhere.

      1. It could be when the Aran character is first created, during the flashback. Okay, sorry for the spam.

  9. I’m so happy the soundtrack is back, this is the only website I trust for maple music, I come here everyday to listen to the musics, thanks for posting this all, ^^

  10. There is song usually called slumbering dragon island, could you pls get it? if it is in there already tell me where it is

    1. The song you are looking for came from the Aran quest first, thus you may find it under the Rien section. The song is called CrystalCave, and is the first link under #Rien.

  11. I listen to this OST many and many times for some years already. I’m really thankful you maintained this page for many years. I know it’s outdated now, but thanks!

    1. Thanks for continuing to visit this page even after its age. While it’s no longer updated, I’m happy with what I was able to give to the community.

  12. Thank you very much from Poland! I have used to play this game for years! after many years I still miss the beautiful music and world

  13. ~Thank You!~ GoShanghai (KMS) -heard it on YouTube, looked everywhere for a clean music file. You’re da best! Made my day~

  14. hey!this is dam good…i dont know u still got renew this webside or not,any way thx for those song and…i wish u will saw this…i think u can renew some song :}

    1. While I didn’t understand all of what you were saying, thanks for the comment and please understand that I do still moderate the soundtrack along with this blog, so I read pretty much any and all messages that come through.

      1. oh, I understand. the file orbis + the second file of leafre does no longer exist, plz put it on. thx

    1. Kinda went into the back of my memory. I’ll probably upload a file containing all the songs on this page before my next blog post, which will probably be in a couple weeks.

  15. Thank you for this! Really brings back some good memories :’) My fav will still be crimsonwood keep interior

  16. Thank you! Maplestory had such lovely, memorable music. It brings me back.
    My favorite ones are from Ellinia, Orbis, and El Nath.

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