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My name is Anthony, but my online handle is often acev or ashrua. I’ve worked with a retail company I’m not crazy enough to name, and I attended school at Glendale Community College.

I’ve also attended school at Northern Arizona University, in a pursuit to attain a degree in Computer Science, but because of certain factors, I have since changed my area of location back to the Phoenix general area, and now I attend Arizona State University.

I also run Dowase Entertainment, which provides panels and programming for Arizona-based anime conventions. These panels range from group discussions to games such as “Name that Anime Tune!” which are fully programmed and developed by myself. Other fantastic members of Dowase consist of Danny and Mark, both of whom have contributed a great deal to our panels and assisted in giving everyone a great time. If you attend one of our panels, our priority is to make sure everyone has a fantastic time, and if there are ever any concerns please do not hesitate to let me or the others know.

Aselia Con:
I am the current programming director for the Texas-based Tales of… convention, Aselia Con. You can find out more about Aselia Con at Aselia Con’s Website

Due to my online names being common, I’ll add a list of other websites I am under.

Who I Am:
Xbox Live : ashrua


Hi! Yes, Hello! My name is Mark. You can call me Mark! I am a 20 something years old. I sorta do computer repair stuff as a profession. And currently, I am on and off school at Glendale Community College. Major you ask? Oh, well I am a language major. I’m currently studying Japanese and soon Mandarin. I’ll be going to Arizona State University sometime soon..Hopefully at least.

I guess you can say that I sorta run the PR for Dowase Entertainment. I joined up recently last year and all I can say is that it’s definitely been quite the amazing time and I hope to continue on. I think out of the group I focus a lot more on anime than I do video games. Though, if you must know, my two favorite games are Monster Hunter and Street Fighter. I also sorta run AZ Nichibros, but that doesn’t really exist in this plane of existence at the moment.

Top 5 favorite anime.
2.Chuunibyou (Season 1) Rikka is my waifu. Deal with it.
3.Rurouni Kenshin
4.Daily Lives of High School Boys

If you ever attend one of our panels, or even see me at a con, feel free to say Hello! I am more than happy to talk about common interest and/or what you have to say about the panels we do. And if you really think I am a swell guy or just wanna play games with me feel free to send me a request!

You can also find me on.
Twitter: emayyarekay
MyAnimeList: emayyarekay
Email: Markisawesomesauce@gmail.com

I definitely hope to continue bringing you guys fun and entertainment at any cons that we go to. If you want to talk about having us attend an event or want to use something on our site feel free to either e-mail myself or Ace.


Y’ALREADY KNOW WHO IT IS …Wait, you don’t? Guess that makes sense, considering this is an introduction post. I’m Mickey, Basic Bitch Extraordinaire™ and the newest member of Dowase! Some of my real-life exploits include doing stuff for an online auction house, sniping from the 3-point line at your local basketball courts, and napping. In the weeb world, I’m known for having shit taste. I’m a dub guy, I tend to like anime with little fanfare, and my picks for best girls will leave you somewhere between confused, disappointed, and frustrated. There are some gems in my favorites list, though (Code Geass gives me life), and I’m always looking for more, so if you ever wanna talk about anime and the like, I’m down to listen!

P.S. Kpop is also my thing. BTS and Twice are my bias groups, and Mimi from Oh My Girl is my ultimate bias. If you too enjoy cute girls and hot guys and their complex choreography, absurd fashion stylings, and variety antics, then come. Let us be Kpop trash together.


8 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I finally get some of the Maple Story BGM which I couldn’t find for years! Thanks for sharing ^^ Dowase is simply great! And I believe there are lots of stuff worth to check out~~ thank you 😀

  2. One day I was looking for Maple soundtracks and stumbled on here about a year ago. However, I no longer go after the music anymore. I like reading your posts on your blog when I have the time. I find it … fun. Live on and post away and we all who read your posts will continue to smile everyday =)

  3. do you happen to have the music for the kms evan promotional vid? it’s a really amazing piece of music even if its like 20 seconds.

    1. There was a point in time which I attempted to get the track. My efforts bore no fruit, and now, I have been disconnected from the game for so long it’d be hard for me even to start getting tracks again. Sorry.

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