Mixed Schedules

I don't play hard enough in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Heyos Everyones!

I tried sticking to a post per day schedule, but it seems to get messed up real easy. The best times for me to post are in the morning, but I end up working at 6 A.M most mornings, so it really messes me up on when I should post and whatnot. Anyways, I’ve updated the MapleStory Soundtrack with new songs, such as the new Lionheart Castle just released in kMS. Check it out if you want the new musics, as there are no restrictions on downloading songs from Dowase Games anymore.

Wednesday, I only have one class, Japanese, so it isn’t much of a big day. I went with my friends and we ended up playing more Super Smash Bros, with me being the loser as usual. The sad thing is the fact I used to be the best at the game, but now it seems I can’t even beat my friends anymore. T.T Yesterday was pretty unproductive though, so not much to say there.

I just now watched the 11th episode of Okami-san, and I must say, it ended a bit earlier than I expected. I wanted the fight to drag on longer, as the way it finished was lame as hell. HotD was decent, but didn’t beat last weeks amazing performance. I still haven’t watched this weeks K-On!!, so I have nothing to say in regards to that.

Next week I’ll start writing reviews for anime and games, so hopefully that’ll add more readability to the site. Other than that, enjoy this Thursday, and have a great day!

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