Whoa Ace, What’s Goin’ On!?

Hina Chan~~
Hina Chan~~

Heyos Everyones!!

Didn’t think you’d hear back from little ole’ me, did ya? Well I’m back and I’m ready to start back, right where I left off!! But before that, just a few notes to keep everyone updated on what has changed.

First, Dowase Entertainment had a successful run at Saboten-Con 2013, and will hopefully be appearing at Kikori-Con 2013 and future conventions in the Arizona area. As always, we’ll be front-running with our ‘Name that Anime Tune!!’ panel, with some new games and informational panels that we’re starting up to generate a creative and fun experience for all.

Second, I’ve not seen much anime this year. As such, my backlog is >9000. This is one of the reasons as to why I’ve not made many posts thus far, and why I’ve kinda fallen back on everything. With the end of Saboten, I’ve realized that my passion for anime has been rekindled, and the life blood of the blog and website has been reborn.

So while I’ve not much to say at this point in time, I can say that there will be more posts in the future, and I will be updating the main page with our new panels and plans for the future.

Until Next Time,


P.S. Free and Attack on Titan are the next on my list of anime to watch, so there may be something on those these next few weeks.

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