Happy Halloween! What? It’s not October anymore?

Yeah, Halloween in November. Got a problem?
Yeah, Halloween in November. Got a problem?
Heyos Everyones!

I heard it wasn’t October anymore, which means Halloween has passed!? Damn, and I had a great picture to put up to. Meh, I’ll put it up anyways! Now then, onto the post!

The reason I’ve been so behind is due to college and stress because my mother seems to enjoy spending money she doesn’t have, which leads to nobody in the house having money. It doesn’t help as my father is stuck on a boat in the middle of nowhere, fighting for our country. It’s not that I don’t respect that, I really do, but it would help if he didn’t have to leave during the holidays, which seem to be the most stressful time for everyone. The song of the week has been updated, as last week’s song was “Can you feel the Sunshine” from the hit game “Sonic R”. This week’s is a nice little song that I’ve loved as soon as I heard it for the first time.

The MapleStory soundtrack has been updated with a full compilation of all the tracks as of today. Some tracks in the mix are not listed on the website, due to overall laziness. So if you want to collect those songs, you might be better off holding on until I update the main page. Save your bandwidth for other useful things.

With all this time I’ve had not updating the site, I’ve been playing Sonic Adventure for the XBLA and Sonic 1 along with Sonic 4. If you’ve followed my youtube account, you’d understand that I love Sonic games, although it seems it hasn’t been the same with recent times. In addition, I’ve been keeping up with fall anime, and damn, it’s been awesome! Samurai Girls is one of my personal favorites, along with MM, The World God Only Knows, Ore no Imoto, Index II, Yosuga no Sora (Although this one is a little too extreme), and Bakuman. This has been a good anime season, and as soon as I have the time, I’ll definitely post my thoughts in detail on each of the series I’ve been keeping up with.

As always, thanks for your support, download the soundtrack, and enjoy the weekend!

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