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News and Announcements / Updated Design
« Last post by acev on January 22, 2018, 07:57:04 PM »
Heyos Everyones!!

As you may have noticed, for the first time in years, I have updated our web design to accommodate any changes in the future. If there are any issues, please let me know. Thanks!
News and Announcements / Welcome to Dowase!
« Last post by acev on April 10, 2017, 10:39:09 PM »
Heyos Everyones!!

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally time to begin our internal restructuring process! What does this mean?

-Dowase Entertainment has returned to officially being Dowase. Dowase Entertainment still exists, but it remains as a branch of Dowase which will continue to provide panels and entertainment at various anime conventions.
-Production has begun on a new project for the end of the year. We can't unveil any details at the moment, but we will be sure to provide them as time goes on!

I want to state that this process is not a small one, and will take several months to complete. In that time, we will restructure our departments and adjust our information accordingly. Thank you for all your support, and remember to visit our social media for constant updates on what we're up to!
News and Announcements / Delayed Update for 2016!
« Last post by acev on March 07, 2016, 01:24:26 AM »
Heyos Everyones!

The main page has been updated with some placeholders for future plans and panels! I'm hoping this is going to be a great year, and with all the great plans we have in store for you all, I'm hoping you can join us during this exiting change. Remember, we do this so everyone can have a great time at conventions, and these changes should be a step in the right direction!

News and Announcements / New Projects and New Directions
« Last post by acev on November 04, 2015, 12:05:03 AM »
Heyos Everyones!!

This year Dowase has made tremendous progress in working toward providing entertainment toward many people in various settings. While I may have started Dowase under the guise of Game Creation, at the moment we continue to expand our section in providing entertainment, before we aspire to the goal of game creation. To make these goals, Dowase now consists of three members, and will continue to expand as needed. With these aspirations in mind, I currently have two projects underway at this moment, hopefully to be seen closer to the end of the year.

For our future panels and convention appearances, I'm also in works for a number of panels, including an overhaul of Name That Anime Tune. When this new version releases, the current version shall be available at this site for free. I understand many like to run similar panels or events to our established panel, and I want all to provide the same entertainment that we here provide. Other game panels shall come at a later date, and I hope that our plans come to fruition.

That's all for now,
News and Announcements / 2015, and some minor changes
« Last post by acev on January 29, 2015, 03:44:34 PM »
Heyos Everyones!!

2014 was a busy year for myself and Dowase Entertainment, but you might not be able to see that based on the main page alone. Let's just say, Dowase Entertainment held panels all throughout the year and attended many conventions, and that will not change for 2015! We will be attending most major AZ cons, and maybe even some out of state ones!! I also plan on rolling out new software for that Name that Tune, and even perhaps adding a new panel to the mix! It's gonna be an awesome year, and I look forward to what lies ahead!

On the website terms of things, I've removed most links to the forum, as there isn't much need for one at the moment. Of course, the updates are still going to be using the forum and one can still find the forum quite easily, but it's going to move more on the back side of things. Also, I've modified the main theme and the blog theme for 2015. It should be a rather welcome change. =)

Anyways, that's all for today. If you ever want more consistent updates, please feel free to check out my blog, Business in Mayhem, and thanks for coming!
News and Announcements / Updates Galore!
« Last post by acev on March 11, 2014, 01:53:19 AM »
Heyos Everyones!

Just a minor post regarding some updates around the site. No major changes are planned at the moment, as they are unnecessary for the website at this time. However, there are plans to finish the previous remodel and fully transition the site from Game Development to General Entertainment. This transition is required as the resources needed for Game Development are not available at this time. This doesn't mean that I have stopped pursuing Game Development, but until there is content to show for it, Dowase will remain as it is. Thus, the Panel page will be completed with new information regarding panels and programming provided by Dowase Entertainment for conventions and expos.

Also, Business in Mayhem, my personal blog with information regarding anime, manga, and life in general, will begin usual updates again. My current goal is one per week, ideally reaching 2-3 per week with one being the return of 'Lasting Impressions.' Look forward to that!

Introductions / The Name is Ace
« Last post by acev on April 02, 2013, 03:11:40 AM »
Heyos! Name's Anthony, but online I go by acev or ashrua. Preferably, I'd like to be called acev, as it's a nickname given by my grandparents, but I don't really care if you call me ashrua. I currently run the site Dowase Entertainment, as well as various panels at anime conventions.

 I was introduced to the Tales of series when Symphonia came out, mainly because Nintendo Power said it was a fantastic game. Thus, my first dive into the series began, and I've never looked back. This later led me to playing the games after Symphonia, including Vesperia, S(2), Graces, and Xillia. I intend to play those games I missed, but the time will come for those.

  I also spend my time watching anime, which may be one of the reasons that I enjoy the Tales of series so much. Plot-centric anime are my favorite, with comedy and harem series being a close second. Of course, I won't stray away from other series, but the above is my preference. My favorite series is Steins;Gate, with the story being almost a perfect example of wrapping every last detail. Although I generally can't stand anime where nothing happens, I really enjoy K-On!, which is another of my top series.

 In the real world, I'm just an average college student. I attend Glendale Community, although I will be attending NAU by Fall 2014. I'm majoring in Computer Science, and hope to someday finish working on my own games, although that comes with some actual work in the future. I also work for Fry's Food (Kroger) as a part time job, and although I detest my days there, each day brings home more money to spend on my expensive hobby.

Either way, this is who I am, and remember, continue fighting for the betterment of our world!
Archives / MapleStory Soundtrack (2013 Edition)
« Last post by acev on April 02, 2013, 03:10:46 AM »
Questions regarding the outdated MapleStory Soundtrack may be made here. I'm not guaranteeing answers, but I do like to know what's up.

News and Announcements / The New Dowase for 2013
« Last post by acev on April 02, 2013, 02:06:07 AM »
Welcome to Dowase Entertainment! While the site is still a work in progress, I'm opening the site for a couple of reasons. First, I'm expanding what I've already established with Dowase Entertainment, and I'd like to actually have a website for those things. For example, there will be an area on the site for panels at Anime Conventions. Second, there are works to expand and affiliate with another website, but I will have more information on that at a later date. For now, enjoy the new site, and stay tuned!

Things planned:

-Streamlining the Forum layout to fit both the site and the blog.
-Creating boards that will create, spark, and inspire discussion among fellow individuals.

Stay Tuned!
News and Announcements / Welcome to Dowase Games Entertainment.
« Last post by acev on July 29, 2011, 08:14:13 PM »
Welcome to the Dowase Games "Beta" forum. Please keep in mind that this project is far from finished, and will not be completely stable.

The blog will not suffer from any issues that may arise due to the new website. Thanks.

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