Quick Update, and hopefully new stuffs soon!


Heyos Everyones!!

Holy hell, where to begin… Let me start off by saying ever since the incident, I’ve been doing everything I can to catch back up with life. I can’t deny that I’m taking some stuff a bit too easy, but there’s only so much I can do and really, life always takes a toll on you when you work as hard as you can. Luckily, I don’t foresee any other problems occurring, especially with how smooth everything is falling into place at the moment. Of course, there’s always room for error, but I *want* Dowase and this blog to continue on a regular schedule, and I refuse to let this die like my other projects in the past. So many failures, and you start to realize that you can’t always do things you want, but things need to be done, and I want to start applying to things I know I can do, and not be distracted by what I cannot do.

In that vein, Dowase has been pretty good since we got ourselves a new member. Back in January, Mark joined the team as essentially PR and the most vocal one of the group, and as a result, we’ve definitely started to get more attention on the side of convention programming. Hopefully Danny and I can follow in his footsteps and start taking initiative ourselves, but regardless, I will continue to create fun and innovative panels for Arizona and potentially out-of-state conventions. Dowase Entertainment will be making an offical appearance at Phoenix Comicon 2015, with various panels, so please feel free to drop by and have a good time! Of course, if you have any issues or concerns with our programming, please feel free to let us know at the panel or by emailing me, and I will gladly take any suggestions or comments you have. I want our panels to be fun for everyone, and I take our job running panels very seriously. If you aren’t having a good time, we have failed, and that’s never a good thing.

On a lighter note of things, with school out of the way, I’ve been attempting to keep up with a number of anime, and it’s going… okay. I’m still behind by one or two episodes for each show, but I’m definitely in a better position that I was say, a year ago. Among those series, I’m watching Fate/Stay S2, Ore Monogatari, Plastic Memories, Hibike Euphonium, Show by Rock, Nisekoi S2, and others. It’s my first season actually watching this many shows as they air since I stopped back in 2012, and I love it. Other than anime, I’ve recently been playing the Fire Emblem series, a favorite of mine since I picked up Fire Emblem 7 years ago, and I’m loving every minute of it. In addition to Fire Emblem, Splatoon is a title I’m greatly looking forward to on the Wii U, and you can bet your ass that we will be playing it in our spare time at PCC.

(Oh, and I’ll be restarting the Month of Openings soon, completing with the remaining 10 days, so look forward to that!)

Anyways, this was meant to be a quick update on the state of things here, and I hope I got all my thoughts and opinions out. Of course, thanks for reading, and if you’re in the area, please come visit us at Phoenix Comicon!!