Welcome 2015, and get ready for February!

Yuri's impressed, why aren't you?
Yuri’s impressed, why aren’t you?

Heyos Everyones!!

I hope you had a fantastic new year, and I hope everyone is ready for an even better 2015! I’ve a bit planned on the convention side of Dowase Entertainment, and I look forward to releasing details on our activities in the future! But first, I’ve one announcement I want to make regarding February:

Next month, I will be making a post every day with a new anime OP and my impressions on them!

It’s not much, but I’m sure everyone knows how much I love Openings and Endings in anime. I really, really enjoy them. Sometimes more than the anime itself! I also know that I’ve made numerous posts regarding that love of OPs. Now, I want to dedicate a month to show some of my favorite Openings, as well as explain why I enjoy them so much. This could be describing aspects that I enjoy about the OP, or perhaps just explaining elements of film that the OP does right. Concluding the month, I will be posting my all-time favorite OP of all time. If you’ve been to our OP panel, I’m sure you already know what it is, but I assure you, I can easily explain in more detail about WHAT it does, and WHY I like it, and why I consider it my all-time favorite. Either way, this month of OPs begins next month, so look forward to it!

Until Next Time,

Time for December Festivities!!

Adorable Kurisu

Heyos Everyones!

It’s been a little longer than expected to make a post, but better late than never, no? Regardless, a lot has happened these past few weeks, and a number of issues have presented themselves to me, giving me reason to doubt some current progressions I’ve been making. Fortunately, I believe that a quick recovery is in store, and activities will return to normal shortly.

In other news, I’ve been able to keep up with series such as Amagi Brilliant Park and Log Horizon S2, and I must say I am enjoying myself when it comes to the shows this season. Perhaps after the season is complete I will post some impressions, but I refuse to make any promises due to my terrible track record. =) Also, although this isn’t an anime, I recently watched RoosterTeeth’s RWBY series, and for a short little web series, I must say I had fun watching this show. The music is definitely the high point in the series, but everything else is great, provided one does not watch the series as an anime. While there are clearly styles reminiscent of anime, the show as a whole is its own species.

In terms of gaming, I’ve secured a Wii U this past month and I plan on catching up with Bayonetta 2 and other games I may have missed. However, in the mean time, I’m completing FF6 to remember why I enjoyed the game so much as a kid. At the moment, the game is meeting expectations. Pokemon will come after, and then perhaps some Tales of games.

This wasn’t going to be a big post. Just a little something until I finally have some more to add to this blog. Everyday activities, in a sense. Until next time,

Winter is Coming

There's been a lot of Kurisu lately, hasn't there?
There’s been a lot of Kurisu lately, hasn’t there?

Heyos Everyones!!

Hard to believe it’s already so far into the year!! This year has definitely flown by, but it has definitely been an exciting and fun one!

I’ve been quite busy this month, ranging from watching new anime, finishing some school related projects, and planning for panels and future conventions under the Dowase Entertainment label. It’s been a bit hectic, but I really enjoy working on these types of projects. I’m aiming to have a regular update schedule with Business in Mayhem again, along with working with my youtube channel again. However, these are all projects that may or may not come to fruition. We’ll just have to wait and see.

As for my backlog of anime, I’ve been steadily making it smaller and smaller. I’ve watched quite a number of series this past month, and I’m finally comfortable with watching new series as they air again. This hiatus was troublesome, but I’m ecstatic that it finally came to an end. As for current series, I’m really enjoying Amagi Brilliant Park, I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying!, Psycho Pass II, Log Horizon II, and Unlimited Blade Works. ufotable is an amazing studio, and I’m gladly looking forward to each week as they animate my favorite path of the Visual Novel.

Unfortunately, catching up with all this anime does have a side effect. I haven’t been able to play as many games as I’d have liked because I’m dedicating most of my time with school and anime. I was able to pick up Super Smash Brothers 3DS on release day, and I’m really enjoying that, but any jRPGs have to wait until I can free up some anime time. Luckily, that time appears to be rapidly approaching, and will probably be here in no time.

I really hope you all enjoyed my impressions of Gurren Lagann last week, and I hope to have something new for you all next week! Seeya’s!

Lasting Impressions : Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)

(This review may contain spoilers for the following series. If you have not seen the series before, please exercise caution before viewing this post. You have been warned.)

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