Weekend Excitement

I didn't post this just because it's Sunday...
I didn't post this just because it's Sunday...
Heyos Everyones!

I’ve been busy at work, both at my actual workplace and at home, working on various projects for the site and whatnot. In addition, I’ve continued to post videos on my youtube account, due to most of my technical problems being fixed. However, I’m also waiting anxiously for my Pokemon Black game to come in the mail, as it’s been shipped from Play-Asia. If you want to play one of the new Pokemon Games, although in Japanese, it’s a great site to do so. I pre-ordered Pokemon HeartGold from them a year ago, and it was truly a great experience playing the game before anyone else in my area. A great way to work on your Japanese as well, if you so wish to learn it.

I plan on working more on the Dowase forum and Doujin Game page, adding more games and working on more visual aspects, to really make the site flow with the blog and whatnot. I hope the changes will find you well, as it’s difficult managing two different applications and merging them into one. I also plan to have the Dowase contact page working soon, as I believe it may have been causing errors before.

I don’t really have much to explain for the weekend. My friend ordered Pokemon White to accompany me in the game, and we’ll be getting it the same day (Tomorrow). With that anticipation and my work toward the site, I didn’t really do too much over the weekend. If you’re bored, or have some time, feel free to check out my newest Let’s Play, and if you enjoy it, please subscribe and watch my other videos!

(Part Two)


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