Day 1: Death Parade (2015)

Death Parade
Death Parade

Starting off this month with something new!! As of this writing, the series has barely had any time to air, but you cannot deny the power of the opening. It just makes you want to sing and dance!! Easily one of the best OPs this season, if not the best.

Really though, it’s not just about the happy-go-lucky atmosphere. I know many who look at this opening and claim it’s misleading or ‘misses the direction of the series.’ However, I feel that those claims are inadequate, and I can explain why.

First off, the series deals with death and the afterlife, hence the title. Yes, these topics can be dark and depressing, discussing the possibilities after death and what lies beyond. However, this isn’t the main idea behind the opening. For instance, look at everyone who dances in the opening. Everyone dancing or having a good time is not one of the players in the games. They merely watch from a safe standpoint. In their eyes, this is a game. It doesn’t matter to them whether the party reincarnates or falls into the pit.

Second off, look at the symbolism behind the opening. There are various symbols relating to religion, as well as the ending which shows two puppets. The two puppets at risk in every episode in the show! That’s all this is.

In short, the opening is viewed from the perspective of not the players, but those who are merely watching.

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