Time for December Festivities!!

Adorable Kurisu

Heyos Everyones!

It’s been a little longer than expected to make a post, but better late than never, no? Regardless, a lot has happened these past few weeks, and a number of issues have presented themselves to me, giving me reason to doubt some current progressions I’ve been making. Fortunately, I believe that a quick recovery is in store, and activities will return to normal shortly.

In other news, I’ve been able to keep up with series such as Amagi Brilliant Park and Log Horizon S2, and I must say I am enjoying myself when it comes to the shows this season. Perhaps after the season is complete I will post some impressions, but I refuse to make any promises due to my terrible track record. =) Also, although this isn’t an anime, I recently watched RoosterTeeth’s RWBY series, and for a short little web series, I must say I had fun watching this show. The music is definitely the high point in the series, but everything else is great, provided one does not watch the series as an anime. While there are clearly styles reminiscent of anime, the show as a whole is its own species.

In terms of gaming, I’ve secured a Wii U this past month and I plan on catching up with Bayonetta 2 and other games I may have missed. However, in the mean time, I’m completing FF6 to remember why I enjoyed the game so much as a kid. At the moment, the game is meeting expectations. Pokemon will come after, and then perhaps some Tales of games.

This wasn’t going to be a big post. Just a little something until I finally have some more to add to this blog. Everyday activities, in a sense. Until next time,

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