Time for another week!


Heyos Everyones!

How was everyone’s Labor Day? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? I unfortunately worked for a mere four hours, but other than that it was excellent! Playing some Grand Theft Auto IV with my best friend, playing Family Feud for the Wii with my family and friends, and even simple things as going to get food were fun and exciting.

When my friend comes over to play some games and such, we usually end up playing some GTA IV, Mario Kart, or Brawl. We ended up playing Brawl and GTA IV, so it was all good. Some fun moments were had, and we quickly finished our GTA session. Easy way to vent out anger, and trust me when I say, we really vent our anger out in this game. But then again, isn’t the game best when you do stupid shit and deal as much mayhem as possible before getting killed or arrested?

We later then went to Taco Bell, which later ended up a disaster because we forgot our debit cards, and ended up having to leave empty handed. Mine was really at the house, where as his was under the car seat the whole time. >.>. Not to mention the Chicken Burrito isn’t in the $.99 menu anymore, which caused much disappointment. Due to that predicament, we traveled to DQ to get something sweet with our debit cards. The ride home ended up being about how my blizzard contained more ice cream than his, because it was spilling over in my car as I was driving back. =/

Family Feud for the Wii isn’t necessarily a bad game. It isn’t the best family game around, but it is fun to play. I don’t know why they didn’t program the use of Mii’s into the game, and make you use the lame characters they created for the game. It’s made the same way as Press your Luck or Price is Right, but it’s not too bad. We had a lot of fun, although the survey’s were a bit difficult to find the top answers for the questions. All in all, it was fun.

The day ended with a Brawl session, with me losing the first tournament. We later attempted 100 man melee, which we beat with ease. Unfortunately, the 15-minute brawl wasn’t an accomplishment achieved this time, but we did get 9 minutes in without dying. Cruel Brawl took the rest of the night, with our top co-op score being 3. O.o

In the end, it was a great day yesterday. Unfortunately, I have a Hiragana quiz today, and I can’t say I remember the look of the one’s I’m supposed to remember. Regardless, I’ll try my best. =) Have a good Tuesday!

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