Aselia Con 2014 Wrap Up

The Duke of Vespy
The Duke of Vespy

Heyos Everyones!!

This year has been a doozy, and I’m really happy with the opportunities that have arisen, as well as the awesome memories I’ve gained this past few months. Just recently was Aselia Con, located in Ft. Worth, TX. The convention’s all about the Tales of… series, and man it’s always a pleasure to go. Whilst I run the programming there, I really enjoy meeting and seeing everyone have a good time and enjoy themselves socialize with others who have played the Tales games as well. Meeting fans of the series is not that easy, and when you do you’re finally happy to meet those with the same interest as you. Not to mention there were a million and a half awesome cosplays, and I’ve honestly gotten it in my head that I can cosplay too. It’s going to take some time, but the cosplay’s will come soon enough!!

Aselia Con 2014 was amazing. I was given the opportunity to see so many people, whether they were people I’d met prior or people I’ve never met. The whole staff of Aselia is amazing, and really, the attendees are awesome as well. I’ve never been to a nice convention where everyone is there to have fun and nobody condescends anyone there. We’re all there to have a good time, and that’s why it’s spectacular. Karaoke was phenomenal, the fan programming was wonderful, and David Vincent was just the icing on the cake. When you have a small con like that, with people coming all over the world to visit, it’s just a beauty so indescribable that it puts one at a loss for words. I love everyone there, and I can’t wait until next year.

This weekend is Con-Nichiwa, and Dowase Entertainment will be there holding two panels, Name that Anime Tune! and Sig. of Anime OP/ED. Both are awesome panels and require some work to be done, but I can guarantee that I will do my best to make sure they sing. Come on down to Tucson if you’ve the time, and I greatly look forward to meeting you all there!

Lasting Impressions will be starting up again with the new shows. I know it’s been some time, but I haven’t been watching anime for the longest time. Just this year I’ve been catching up, and now that I’m finishing some series, I can start writing my final impressions on them again. I can also close the Initial Impressions posts I’ve started as I finish those series, and start new ones up again. I’m really happy to have the time and dedication to write these again, so please feel free to look forward to those in the future.

Thanks again for all your dedication and patience, and look forward to future content!!

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