It’s the Shortest Month of the Year!

Modern Magic. A series that was okay, yet not necessarily memorable
Modern Magic. A series that was okay, yet not necessarily memorable

Heyos Everyones!

It has been an incredible past few weeks, with changes to both my online and off-line life. Unfortunately, these past few weeks have left me quite behind on the current season’s status, but let me get a few things clear before I continue on.

First off, I will not be watching any new series until I have finished what is on my plate already. This seems fairly simple, but in addition to this, I also mean that I will continue the series that I have wanted to re-watch and “review” before I start on the previous season. Quite frankly, I don’t find much appeal to the new season of anime, especially with KyoAni crapping all over faithful fans and churning out generic crap every season. Once I get another show with quality animation and quality story, then I will finally begin watching their series again. I just find more fulfillment in the series of the past that I may have overlooked, so I feel it is finally time to watch them in all their glory.

With that out of the way, life in general has been quite simple and clear. Classes are going quite well, with a few minor setbacks and what-not, but I feel every semester will have some flaws. Gaming-wise, I purchased Ni no Kuni, which is anĀ amazing game, and definitely deserves a play at least once in your life. The music is pure bliss, the gameplay is magic, and the story telling is phenomenal. On another note, I got my hands on Rewrite, the latest KEY novel to be released, and I am ready to have a good time on that ship.

For the conventions on this year., I have two scheduled and hopefully more planned. I can say that Dowase Entertainment will be in the Dallas area on March 14~March 18 for Aselia-Con, a Tales convention that will specialize in the Tales fandom. After that, we’ll be in Tucson, AZ for Con-Nichiwa 2013 between March 22~March 24. March is going to be a busy month, and I can’t wait to see what’ll come of the trip!

In regards to life, I think everything has been said, and updates will be made once time is alloted. I’ve got some little things planned, but nothing final yet, so look forward to that!


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