Kaigi Weekend Wrap-Up

At least someone got this song correctly.

Heyos Everyones!

After a nice long vacation over in Flagstaff for Anime Kaigi, it’s nice to say that I have returned home safely and satisfied. This convention has been amazing, as smaller cons seem to have a charm that bigger cons such as AX don’t have anymore. Meeting new people is one of the biggest factors in small cons, and I met quite a few new people whom I am really glad I got the chance to meet. On another note, the panel ‘Name that Anime Tune’ was a huge success, and I am looking forward to another chance to hold that panel and perhaps even more at a later date.

Now that the convention is over, I can continue my quest to finish my backlog of anime, or at least attempt to finish the list. However, it seems after a convention ends I have even more to watch, and it only ever continues to grow. Either way, this is going to be a long week due to Calculus and other school work, so hopefully I’ll find some more time to finish one or two series and write my impressions on those. Until next time, seeyas!


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