Long Weekend, that it was.

Who doesn't love Judith?


It’s been a hell of a weekend, but I’m done with my weekend work! Now it’s time to sit back and relax for some anime and games! I don’t have anything to watch at the moment, as I believe I’m caught up, but I do plan on playing some games with my friends. I’m also working on my youtube channel, trying to get some new Let’s Play videos up. It really depends on how I work things out. Regarding the site, I believe the soundtrack will be 100% up to day bu this Tuesday, depending on how much I study for my Hiragana test in Japanese.

Nothing really noteworthy between these last few days. We’ve been having a Labor Day sidewalk sale at Fry’s, and grilling some baby back ribs for the occasion. We’ve also been working on multiple fruit trays, so I’ve been busy all around. Hard to believe it’s already September though, time really does fly like crazy.

Hopefully I’ll have more to talk about tomorrow, but with work and all, it’s been really mellow and such. School is really when I get my energy back, so my posts will be more lively during the week. Hell, if I can get some videos up, they’ll be more lively than my posts (At least, until I perhaps start writing reviews, which I may just start doing next season.)

Stay cool,

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