Lifestyles in Change

Some may say best girl, but I must respectfully disagree.

Heyos Everyone!

Just a posting to make sure everything is still alive and kicking. This past week has been pretty dull, consisting of some anime and video games. I haven’t been doing as much this week as I would have liked, but this should change next week as I have a bit written down on what to do. As for anime, just have to keep watching Sword Art Online, Hyouka, Dog Days, and other series I can’t be bothered to think about right now. I’ve actually only begun to catch up with these series, let alone make sense of them. In addition, when it comes to video games I’ve been slacking as well; I’ve yet to play a game that would actually contribute to my backlog this past week, and it’s something that I would like to change, but with school beginning in a couple of week, I can’t say it will.

School starting will be a nice change from the normal lifestyle I’ve been living. Other than a few events, it’s been dull around here and change is always welcome. Perhaps that little boost will get me to finish some more projects, although I’m happy with the pace I had set before with around 3 posts a week.

On another note, it’s already August, which means this year is over halfway over. Amazingly, this year has gone by too fast, and it only continues to pass by. Hopefully I’ll be able to find big events to mark this year as a great year, and although I think I already found some fantastic events, I only hope to add to that list.

That’s all for today. Some reviews and impressions posts will be up in the coming days, hopefully for your enjoyment. Thanks,


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