Just Another Day in Paradise

Noel is not pleased.

As another Friday begins, I wonder how life has changed from the point I first began this project. Although some might say I have started multiple projects, many that have yet to be completed. Regardless, it’s been a long journey, and I’m shocked that I’ve kept this blog up for so long. I believe I started in right before I began Glendale Community College, and as it does now, consisted of minor rants, details from my day(s), and other miscellaneous information. As I may have mentioned before, time feels as though it has only recently started turning again, and I can definitely feel the repercussions of my time away from reality.

Having recently finished Tales of Symphonia, my review will be up in the coming days. I’m aiming for a Monday release, but it may be delayed to Tuesday depending on circumstances. In addition, I plan on writing my impressions on Doujin Work, a humorous anime that I enjoyed quite well. I can’t say when that will be complete, but I anticipate a release around the end of the week, preferably Friday. Regardless, that’s really all I have planned for the blog for this week, but I’ve yet more to talk about.

I haven’t caught up on the anime series that I’ve been watching. While I’ve been anticipating series like Sword Art Online and Koichoco, I haven’t been up to date on other series airing this season. However, I did catch the K-On! Movie the other day, and damn, that was a really enjoyable movie. As some may know, I really don’t enjoy Slice of Life anime as much as other genres. Of course, this really only applies to those like Lucky Star, Nichijou, and A-Channel. I like plot progression, and usually those I watch involve some sort of story within. However, K-On! proves to be the exception, as I enjoyed every minute of this show. I don’t know why it holds the charm it does, but I really enjoyed it.

I’ve still been spending my time playing Ys Origin, which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys Action games. I love the battle mechanics, and although I feel some parts are ridiculous, the game provides an enjoyable experience. The boss battles are big and fun, and they definitely test your skills when playing in higher difficulties. I’m rather curious to other games in the series, as this one caught my interest in a very good way. As for the Tales of games, I’ve been taking a little break after beating Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. A terrible game to stop at, but I really needed a break from those games for a bit.

Well, I think everything on my mind has been said. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


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