Spending Money and Time

Too much fun. This game is.

Heyos Everyones!

As I sit here, I realize I’ve not much time before events begin to kick in and I have to actually focus on school and getting into an actual university. I’ve spent quite some time going to GCC, and it’s time I started getting serious about furthering my education. But, before that, I must enjoy this wonderful Steam Sale that’s going on right now. Between that, watching anime, and playing more Tales games, I can say I’ve got quite the schedule ahead of me. Either way, I’ve been enjoying life these past few weeks. I’m about to go see my friend in the coming days, and it’ll be a nice breath of fresh air.

I just purchased Ys Origin for Steam, and holy hell, the game is amazing. I love the battle mechanics and just the overall feel of the game. I’ve never played a Ys game before, although I got the free Japanese copy of Ys 4 on my computer, just never installed. I think I may need to grab the PSP copies and play through those, because this game is FUN! It’ll keep my attention for a good span of time, and I hope I’ll get some rest between this game and Tales of Xillia. Either way, I’m having fun with these games.

As for anime, Sword Art Online is amazing, and it makes VR seem like such a great idea, yet on the other hand, such a terrible one. Having one device prevent you from doing anything else with one minor bug really doesn’t sound appealing, but the possibilities…

Anyways, this was just a quick update post. I have a few things coming this week and the next, so look forward to those!


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