Preparations for the coming months.

Lloyd from Symphonia
Dat Lloyd, always doing something troublesome.
Heyos Everyones!

It’s already time for Anime Expo 2012. I can’t believe how fast time has gone this past year, and I’m looking forward to enjoying a week doing nothing but enjoying anime, manga, and other things that you can only experience at an Anime Convention. Honestly, I’m still trying to prepare for the trip, as I don’t leave very often, but I’m really trying to make sure it all comes together before I leave.

I’ve been working on the official website, as some may already know by looking at the link to the right. It’s a simple design that flows with the blog, but it works well enough for my tastes. Of course, I really don’t have too much to add to the site at the moment, but that’ll change soon.

In regards to the content of this blog, I have a rough copy of my Vesperia review (Xbox 360, as I haven’t completed the PS3 Version yet), and I’m currently playing through Symphonia to get my recent opinions on it. Symphonia was the first “Tales of” game I had played, so I hold fond memories of the game, and I now see that some of the features I held in high regard are missing from the older Tales games. Of course, that doesn’t make Symphonia a bad game, but it does feel lacking in certain departments.

As usual, I’m about 1~2 seasons behind on my backlog of anime. The only series I am up to date with at this moment is Nyaruko, but I will certainly finish the other series before I leave for the expo. I can’t let myself get behind again, especially knowing I’m going to an expo full of anime goodness.

That’s about it for what I have to say, so look out for my final copy of the Vesperia review, that should be coming soon.

Next time,

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