May has arrived at last.

Sometimes I wonder if there's a facination with Chinese Dresses...
Heyos Everyones!

It’s already the end of one month and the beginning of another. It hard to believe that time has moved so quickly, but there’s not much to do other than go with it and hope for the best. In terms of what I’ve been up to, it’s not much, but mainly just playing Tales of Graces, Abyss, and attempting to catch up on the anime that I have let pile up in one little corner.

This season of anime really doesn’t have too much that interests me. I plan on watching Hyouka and some others, and I’ve already started watching Fate/Zero season 2, so I’ve at least got that going for me. I’m still trying to watch all of last season’s anime, and should be catching up shortly. It doesn’t help that I’ve been on an Tales of kick lately, and I plan on completing Symphonia soon to see how it’s changed from what I remember. I plan on writing a proper review for Abyss in the future, along with Vesperia, Symphonia, and I may work my way back to the older titles such as Eternia and Phantasia.

As for working on anime reviews, that’ll have to wait until I get a better idea of how to do so. I want to create video reviews, for either games and anime, but I can’t seem to find a good way to do so. Not to mention, I’d have to purchase a new microphone and capture card to create a video I’m truly proud of. However, I plan on doing something more, and I will write more reviews in the future, even if it’s just written reviews for now.

Anime Expo 2012 is coming up as well, and even though it’s still 2 months away, preparations are now finalizing and I need to get ready to go for the weekend. It’s always a good time, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen this year. I want to say I’ll take more pictures this year, but with all the excitement, I usually take few pictures and the ones I do take end up crappy. Maybe I need to invest in a new camera, but that’s just more money I’d rather not spend. Either way, this con is going to be great, and I just need to make sure everything goes smoothly this year, even though I’m used to one or two major incidents happening.

Well, that about wraps it up for now. Look forward to my next review, which should be up in the coming days. Monday will be the ideal day for it, but no guarantees.

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    1. On occasion, but ever since I cut the MS soundtrack from the site it’s been pretty dull. Doesn’t really bother me though.

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