Japanese Festivals

Saber - I think I am ready for some more Fate / Zero. Next season please!
Heyos Everyones!

Today I decided to visit Glendale Community College on an off day, as they were holding a Japanese festival. They held one last year as well, but this year definitely had more advertising, and as a result, more people. Compared to last year, it was really the same thing, but still a fantastic visit, as I was unable to attend Matsuri down in Phoenix, back in February. It’s always a pleasure to learn about traditions and customs of Japan, such as setting up a Tea Ceremony and Taiko Drums (Something that has always fascinated me). Not to mention there was free food, so it was definitely a worthwhile trip and I’m pleased I wasn’t required to be at work until later in the evening.

I finally decided to start working on my anime backlog, starting with Mouretsu Pirates. I’ve currently been getting ready to watch Nisemonogatari and Inu x Boku SS, along with Another and Ano Natsu. Luckily, I have time to work on both my anime backlog and my gaming backlog, even if Tales of Graces f comes out next week.

I’m honestly shocked at how much anime is finally coming to the states in Blu-ray format and/or full season box-sets. It seems like every time I visit Amazon, I see another series that is ready to be released. I noticed Ookami-san is being released the beginning of April, and for only $39 you can get the complete blu-ray. Considering most series (Although I will admit, Sentai Filmworks is the only one releasing for this price) are running for close to $60+, I believe this is a steal for a decent series. I found it enjoyable, but I know many would disagree. Now when Steins;Gate comes out on Blu-ray…

As for now, it’s time to sit back and listen to some music, so I will post again soon. Although I don’t have anything planned out at the moment, I will definitely get some interesting content for the site and the blog. Right now, I’m really just focused on cleaning up my backlog. ‘Til next time,


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