Yoyo, It’s Ace!

Let's cross Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate! It'll be Makise;Kurisu;Seira;tan!

Bwahaha! It’s been awhile my friends, how’ve you all been. As for me, it’s been a pretty crappy few weeks, but nothing is more enjoyable than getting a little more money for your efforts. Anyways, I haven’t been quite up to date with…well, anything, so I may as well start now. School begins in another 3 weeks, and I believe it’ll be easier for me to start catching up with everything then. However, I believe I say that every time something decides to change, so I may be wrong in that regard and end up spending even less time with this site and/or my anime and manga. Regardless, I will be able to spend my nights working on stuff again, as opposed to waking up so damn early in the morning.

I’ve begun working on some quick “projects” for the site, as I have a little more of my main Dowase Games project done. Not to mention, I’m not the only one working on it for a change, so there’s an even bigger chance of it being completed that before. I hope to unveil my workings by the end of the year, but I may get lucky and show them off a little earlier.

I’ve been playing more Visual Novels since my return from Anime Expo 2011, and Fate/Stay Night was completed about 3 days ago. I’m currently watching the anime, which as usual, fails to be as awesome as the actual novel, but still is decent and worth watching. I’ve not even begun the new anime season, but to plan on starting very soon. Steins;Gate is one of the only things I’m actually really trying to keep up with, and that’s because it’s an amazing show and everyone here should stop reading and go watch it now. Seriously. Go.

Now that everyone is out of the way, I believe it is time to wrap things up. In short, nothing was accomplished, but nothing really needed to be. See you all laters, and enjoy your last days of July!

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