Merry Christmas!

By Oyashiro-sama from
Kirino and Azusa?? Perhaps crossovers wouldn't be so bad.


Man, it’s been a hell of a week, but it was all fun.  I finally have another day off of work, which I won’t have another until New Year’s Day, so I’m looking to enjoy today as much as possible. I’ll keep this short, since it is Christmas, but I thought I’d wish everyone a happy and merry Christmas. (Happy Holidays to those who do not celebrate Christmas, as I’m sure many people do not.)

If you don’t follow my youtube account, now would be an awesome time to do so. I plan on uploading 11 videos for the new year, so come one down to my channel and subscribe! If LP’s aren’t your thing, subscribe to the Dowase Games channel for new content coming soon. All my video reviews will be done on that channel, with co-commentators as well! Anyways, have a great holiday, and my next post will be on New Year’s Eve!

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