Damn, I’ve been neglecting my duties.

Shana?! Christmas time can be enjoyed by anyone.
Shana?! Christmas time can be enjoyed by anyone.

Heyos Everyones!

It’s already almost Christmas. Amazing how the time flies, no? Still, I’ve been busy with finals and work, so I’ve not had time for this site and other things (Such as my Let’s Plays). However, time will soon be available, as Finals are almost over, and the week will be coming to an end. Work hasn’t been nice to me either, making me get up too damn early to get a decent night’s sleep. However, it’ll all work out in the end, I’m sure.

Nothing necessarily new today either. Working on some collaborations with some of my friends for the channel, and trying to keep up with this season of anime. Hell, I just finished watching Kaichou wa maid sama, because I was stupidly holding off for Eclipse to finish, but I may as well finish the series before I forget what the damn thing was about. Other than that, it’s almost time for another season of anime, and I feel this season was decent, although not great. Amagami SS, although starting last season, is among my favorites.

I just spent $1000 on my car the other day as well, due to issues with the suspension and brakes. Not an easy setback, being Christmas time and all, but there wasn’t anything I could really do. All I can do is sit back, play Persona 3P and hope that things will go my way if I work hard enough. (Of course, I guess playing P3P isn’t a good example of working hard =P). Anyways, I’ll be updating the new track of the “week”. Last week’s was “Air Man ga Taosenai”, literally translated as “AIR MAN will not die!”. It was actually a remix included with the ED of Yosuga no Sora, a rather explicit anime; something I rather not dwell into.

Regardless, thanks for all your support, have fun and enjoy the holidays! Check back often, or visit my youtube channel for more updates!


5 thoughts on “Damn, I’ve been neglecting my duties.”

  1. Various places on the internet. There’s never “one” place to get all the pictures. Thanks for you comment!

  2. Merry Christmas!

    No, I don’t play anymore. I can’t get into like I used to, so I’ve given my account to my sister, whom I believe enjoys the game more than I. I still enjoy the story and depth of the game, but I can’t find myself enjoying the gameplay as much as before.

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