Happy Black Friday!!

If only camping out at a store was like this...
If only camping out at a store was like this...

Heyos Everyones!

How’s your Thanksgiving? A fun day to enjoy, I’m sure. Of course, the day everyone (with money)¬†anxiously¬†awaits is Black Friday, one of the best days to get deals for product. I didn’t purchase much, as I don’t have the funds to go all out, but I did snag a PSP from Amazon for $129 along with Raging Blast 2(DBZ) for $10.

I know I haven’t been updating much, but I’m still adapting moreso to the schoolwork going on right now. My schedule this semester sucks, so I haven’t had much free time with work and all. I actually should be working on a 7-page paper right now, but I’ll end up doing it later (Being the day before it’s due, naturally). Anyways, for those who have stuff to share regarding Black Friday, share your comments below! I’ll be back in full swing soon!


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