October? No wai!

Assistroids seems to act like droids in "Star Wars"
Assistroids seems to act like droids in "Star Wars"

Heyos Everyones!

Yeah yeah, it’s finally (or already) October! Hard to believe time’s been going by so fast, but I guess that happens when you have work and school together. I’ve been spending my spare time watching anime and playing Pokemon Black, but I’ve really been taking my time with both of those, as school has gotten the better of me. I think I may slack off a little too much when I really shouldn’t. But, what can you do, you know?

Anyways, I’m working on the forum a little bit, as well as developing the Dowase Games portion of the site a bit more. But really, I’m not doing too much. I can’t seem to get my recording process to work, disabling me from finishing AIR Flight, and so I’ve just spent time with my family, games and anime. I’ve finished K-On!!, and Asobi ni Iku yo!, both decent series that I can finally put to rest. Well, K-On! just had to announce a movie, as if the series wasn’t milked enough. I’ll be honest, I loved K-On!, but now KyoAni needs to move toward something new, preferably something that isn’t Slice of Life, but alas, it seems their new series involves yet another manga, one that reminds me of Lucky Star. I don’t hate these series, but I greatly preferred Clannad, AIR, and Kanon to these series. Maybe it was because the story was written by Key?

I may post my impressions on the fall season, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I’m getting ready for bed, as I have work at 6AM in the morning, and I really don’t want to be caught slacking. Seeya’s Everyones!


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