Favorite Anime Openings of 2017 : Week Two

Heyos Everyones!!

Another week, another batch of our favorite openings! Since our next post occurs after Christmas, we’d like to take this time to wish ya’ll a Happy Holidays, and enjoy your break to the fullest! Now, to the openings!~

Ace: Holy hell, I didn’t actually expect to put this as one of my tops this year. Blend S actually fell under my radar far into the season, after constant suggestions from Mark no less. Nonetheless, I absolutely love the opening for Blend S. First off, like Working! before it, the opening provides that bubbly feeling prior to the start of the show, letting the audience know they’re in for a fun and relaxing time. In fact, this opening does more than provide energetic imagery, light-hearted lyrics, and a song jam-packed with energy, but also provides a good introduction to each character and their roles. For example, Maika, the main character, plays a sadistic character in the show, demonstrated often throughout the opening. Even more amazing lies the use of credits throughout the opening. Each credit scene plays seamlessly with the scenery around it. For example, when Maika trips and spills the coffee, credits appear in the spill. Overall, Blend S contained an amazing opening, and one I could say as one of my favorites this year.

Mickey: My second favorite opening this year might come as no surprise if you’re familiar with my picks from last year: My Hero Academia’s “amazarashi” comes in at No. 2! Like my previous entry, this ranking is given mostly because of the song, although the opening itself is worthy of analysis. It’s not as flashy as its two predecessors, instead taking a more reserved approach, better fitting for the ominous direction the show begins to head during this half of the season. We see some of our favorite characters during their moments of weakness and vulnerability as the song slows, but once it picks up again for the chorus, they’re ready to go beyond again and save the day like the heroes they aspire to be!

Mark: Huh? What? I have to write a second one? What’s up! Its week two and my next favorite OP from this year goes to. That’s RIGHT! BOKU NO HERO ACA-…what? Mickey picked this one already? AUGH. Well anyway! What I was going to say was Konosuba Season 2 and the song TOMMOROW. I really love this opening for its animation, it starts out with the lovable bunch of idiots accepting what looks like a relatively easy quest. Of course, for those who have watched Season 1 we all know how nothing is easy for Kazuma and company. I mean, right from the get go, the gang already struggles with staying full sprint as they head out one their journey. It then cuts to that little jig that they do, Aqua just being so gung ho about everything like she normally is, Darkness looking like she is ready to apologize for everything, while Kazuma and Megumin are just done with everything. The gang goes back into their travels and just like in the little dance number, Aqua rushes into trouble like she always does causing the rest of the group to have to save her and ultimately be covered in some sort of slime. It cuts back to them dancing, this time Aqua is crying and Darkness is about to unleash Niagra falls from within her loins. The OP does a great job detailing how the characters act and uses Studio Deen’s approach of really terrible animation to drive the humor in. Once the group actually finds their quest something amazing actually happens and it took me a while to notice it, EVERYTHING ACTUALLY GOES AS PLANNED. Darkness manages to hit something with her sword, Megumin isn’t completely dead after an explosion, for once Aqua does something useful, and Kazuma manages to steal the right item to complete the quest. Its really satisfying seeing them come home and being able to celebrate their own personal victories. Anyway! If you haven’t already watched Konosuba. DO IT. TREAT YOURSELF! See ya next time!

Danny: While I never got around to watching enough of the series when it first aired here in the states I’m still a huge Dragon Ball fan, which is why for the first time I’m able to watch the series as it’s airing with Dragon Ball Super. The opening is bright and lively for Dragon Ball standards not going to full blown pop but still not has hard as some openings. It changes dynamically through the series going from the Fight with Beerus to Frieza and current to the Tournament between the Six and Seventh universes, showing all of the Z-fighters and friends after the events of Dragon Ball Z

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