Favorite Anime Openings of 2015 : Final Week

Merry Christmas everyone! As we celebrate this wondrous day with our family, let’s also take the time to reflect on our final batch of favorite openings of 2015! Once again, these aren’t in any specific order, but merely represent anime openings we thoroughly enjoyed this year!

Ace: This was a really hard decision for me. I loved numerous openings this year, and it’s really hard to condense them all into three choices. I was close to putting Death Parade’s opening on here, because of the sheer joy I receive when I watch that opening, but when I went back and watched Fate Stay Night UBW’s opening, I couldn’t help but to put this on my list. As a fan of ufotable and the Fate/Stay Night VN, I really enjoyed this series. Most notably, the opening animation and Aimer’s ‘Brave Shine.’ The second half of UBW contained this wonderful opening, which not only emphasizes the conflicts during the second half of the series, but also continues to showcase the main characters, their abilities, and the overall prize that some seek in the series. In addition, the opening takes the proper time to develop these characteristics, while later showcasing future battles with their beautiful animation. The opening follows traditional action style openings, and expands the opening in such a way that further drives one to watch the coming episode. This opening was my favorite action opening of 2015.

Mark: I really enjoyed the OP for Arslan Senki, it just seemed to get better and better throughout the series for me too. What if is a great example of an action oriented anime opening. First off it shows a young Arslan beat up and looking at the despair for war into a shot of the sun shining through the clouds, showing that there there is still a ray of light through out the dark times. From there it then shows the main supporting characters doing what they do best. AND THATS BEING SUPER COOL AND GREAT AT FIGHTING! But the biggest reason I love this opening id because of the song choice. The lyrics literally translate to the exact ideals to what Arslan wants to do as King. From talking about how he learned to deal with the ugly side of humans though his travels to how his plea for peace isn’t just his words but the words of many.


Danny: One Punch Man has what is likely the most hype opening I heard since Attack on Titan. Theres really not much to say in regards to the song or opening in general it is just pure hype. The way it starts off already pretty heavy and just blasts the chorus with a stadium like group of singers is just fantastic and really just makes one want to go out and punch the first thing you see.


That’s it from us at Dowase Entertainment for 2015! Thank you to all of you who attended our panels this year, and we hope you will continue to support us in the future! We hope to see you at Taiyou Con 2016 in January, and if you cannot make it, please consider attending another of our panels throughout the year!

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