Favorite Anime Openings of 2015 : Week Two

Another week, it’s time for our next batch of openings! Again, these aren’t in any order, but we feel these openings were the most enjoyable of 2015. We’ll conclude next week with our last batch of openings!

Ace: Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches contains all the great concepts used in various openings. It contains multiple scenes with the main characters, explains the simple plot as well as showcasing the goal of the main protagonist. In this midst, the opening also contains what can be considered the antagonist of the series, and plays a relaxing and fun tune to go along with this smooth animation. This opening truly marks my favorite opening, by standards of presentation and feel.


Mark: “I LOVE PRISON SCHOOL! This is one of those openings that I just can’t help but watch over and over again. There were a couple times where I would actually restart the show just so I can watch and sing-a-long with it. I really enjoy the fact that it is sung by the male cast, I feel like that isn’t really done as often too.”


Danny: Sadly out of the Jojo openings so far I would say this one as being the weakest, While it’s definitely a great song, it’s no where near as catchy as the precious ones. It it much darker and foreboding, which makes sense considering the content of this season, but as an opening it lacks the energy of the previous installments. One thing that must be pointed out is this may be the best opening visually. There is a lot of foreshadowing in regards to characters that can only be made sense of when the season is complete and the final episode has a surprise that completely took me off guard

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