Welcome Back, Dowase Entertainment!!

Welcome back, old friend.
Welcome back, old friend.

Heyos Everyones!!

These past weeks have been full of excitement and mayhem, and I can truly say I have loved every minute of it. Sure, work may suck, but hell, the experiences I held have been the best I have ever had. First off, Aselia Con (The first Tales Of convention in the United States) went off amazingly, and the turnout was much more significant that I had anticipated! Therefore, Dowase Entertainment will happily be returning next year with our panels and fun. Second, Con-Nichiwa (An anime convention in Tucson, AZ which had over 1500 unique attendees) was a blast, and I’m proud to say that our panel (Name that Anime Tune!) was a huge hit! In terms of conventions and panels, Dowase Entertainment is steadily becoming more and more well known, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Next up, we have Phoenix Comicon, which we again will hold our “Name that Anime Tune!” panel. We have some other conventions we are aiming for, but I’ll have to keep that sealed until I have confirmation.

But that isn’t the only big news that I have today! Today, April 2nd, 2013, Dowase Games Entertainment has fully transitioned to Dowase Entertainment. Not only do we plan on releasing games in the future, but the group will also be considered a panelist group that programs our own games for our panels. For example, our “Name that Anime Tune!” panel utilizes an engine developed by myself, and our other gaming panel (Crazy Wacky Game of Shenanigans) will also be programmed and developed in-house by myself. It’s going to be awesome, and I can’t wait to get everyone pumped for the fantastic games and activities we have planned for our attendees!

In light of our completed revamp, the official site has returned, and my blog has once again taken to the sidelines. Finally, information can now be accessed via the site, and soon everything will be complete, functioning, and easy to use. Please look forward to our changes, and thank you for reading my blog, putting up with my nonsense, and just being a visitor to the site.

However, this does not mean that I will completely stop blogging. If anything, I will be blogging more now that my motivation hath returned to me. For now, the site updates will be made via my blog, until I restore the forum functionality to the site. For now, however, stay cool everyones. Thanks again for coming to the site, and look forward to the changes we have in store for the rest of 2013!!

-Ace (Founder of Dowase Entertainment)

Enjoyin’ Life and Takin’ Names

Every time I remember this series, the first thing to come to mind is “Colorado Bulldog.”
Heyos Everyones!!

Just another day here for me, and I can honestly say that this week has been amazing in both progress and surprises. First off, it’s the start of a new season of anime; this alone makes the week fantastic. In addition, I’ve been working on some new “Lasting Impressions” posts, one of which was released earlier this week and one that will be released later this week, so this week has been jam packed with goodies.

In terms of gaming, I haven’t done anything significant or amazing, but I’m sure that will all change once I start playing Tales of Xillia again. I’ve been staying away from those titles as they consume so much time, and I really needed to catch up on my anime backlog. On that note, I’ve still got so many series to sit down and watch, but I think I’ll still have time for that as this new season consumes much of my time.

I’ve also been in the planning stages of my panel coming up next month, which will be an amazing panel and everyone here should go. The panel is “Name that Anime Tune!” at Anime Kaigi, held in Flagstaff, AZ on November 9-11. It’s going to be great, and I’m taking measures to make sure it caters to all audiences.

If anyone reads this blog and knows what I enjoy, you should know I absolutely love the “Tales of” series. Well, if you happen to live in the U.S., you will also be happy to know that there will be the first U.S. Tales of convention held in Texas sometime next year. While I can’t do much to help organize the event, I will be doing my part to improve its successfulness, so go check out Aselia-con and support in any way you can! It’s going to be a great time, and I’m looking forward to how amazing this next year will be.

Welp, I’ve rambled on long enough. While I think this month is going to be amazing, it all comes down to how much I work to improve my current projects. This season of anime will be amazing, and I assure you, what’s remaining of this year is going to be a blast!


Another Fantastic Friday

I don’t understand the appeal of these type of series…
Yet I enjoy them as well….

Heyos Everyones!

I should be doing work right now, but I’ll tell ya, Calculus is no cakewalk. It’s amazing how much work goes into these problems, and one small mistake can cause an hour or more of repair if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s not fun, and honestly, I really need a break. Today’s been pretty intense, with projects due all around. Regardless, it’s been a great week, and I’m not going to let a few bad moments get the best of me.

I had intended for another Lasting Impressions post to go here, but due to the complexities of this week, it had to be pushed back. Luckily, it’ll be complete this weekend, which should mean a Monday release. In addition, I’ve completed quite a few series at this point, and I have strong opinions toward some of them. I won’t say whether it’s good or bad at this point, but I am working to get those out next week.

I haven’t been playing many jRPG’s recently, mainly because I’m so far behind in terms of anime. One of the side-effects of going to an anime convention is the feeling of how far behind you are in terms of what to watch. There are so many series that people consider “good,” and it feels like there isn’t enough time to watch them all. I’ve been fighting through series everyday to catch up, and it feels like my backlog only grows, no matter how much I watch.

I’ll be attending Anime Kaigi (Anime Kaigi Home) this year, which resides in Flagstaff, AZ on November 10~12 If anyone plans on attending, feel free to drop by my panel (Name that Anime Tune!) and say Hi. It’ll be lots of fun, and I assure you there will be lots of goodies given out. If you follow my blog, I’m sure you’ll already know of some series that’ll be on the quiz, as there’s no way I won’t be playing some of my favorite openings and endings.

Anyways, look forward to some of that awesome content coming later. Have a great weekend, and enjoy the rest of the day!


Slight disappearance, but back in full throttle!

I heard the final OVA has been released. I need to check it out!

Heyos Everyones!

Alrights. I know time hasn’t been on my side lately. I’ve kinda left things as they are, and it doesn’t necessarily help my case that I haven’t posted these past few weeks. However, I’m back and I plan to post some more reviews and impressions up this week. This week is also the begining of classes, so I’m sure I’ll have some more motivation to get up and get stuff done!

My last Tales review for some time will be the sequel toTales of Symphonia, and I still haven’t determined what my impressions post will be about. Perhaps I’ll actually make some videos to accommodate these posts, but again, these decisions haven’t been made yet, so I can’t say exactly what I’m going to do. I really don’t have much to say about life right now, as all I’ve been doing is going to work and watching random youtube videos. Some anime has been watched, such as Sword Art Online, Hyouka, Who is Imouto?, and Dog Days!’,but nothing exceptional has occurred these past few weeks.

Perhaps I’ll have more to say tomorrow or Tuesday, after classes are over. I’m happy to say this is my last year at a Community College, now that I finally have more issues settle d and accounted for. Anyways, look forward to the upcoming content, and enjoy the week!


Just Another Day in Paradise

Noel is not pleased.

As another Friday begins, I wonder how life has changed from the point I first began this project. Although some might say I have started multiple projects, many that have yet to be completed. Regardless, it’s been a long journey, and I’m shocked that I’ve kept this blog up for so long. I believe I started in right before I began Glendale Community College, and as it does now, consisted of minor rants, details from my day(s), and other miscellaneous information. As I may have mentioned before, time feels as though it has only recently started turning again, and I can definitely feel the repercussions of my time away from reality.

Having recently finished Tales of Symphonia, my review will be up in the coming days. I’m aiming for a Monday release, but it may be delayed to Tuesday depending on circumstances. In addition, I plan on writing my impressions on Doujin Work, a humorous anime that I enjoyed quite well. I can’t say when that will be complete, but I anticipate a release around the end of the week, preferably Friday. Regardless, that’s really all I have planned for the blog for this week, but I’ve yet more to talk about.

I haven’t caught up on the anime series that I’ve been watching. While I’ve been anticipating series like Sword Art Online and Koichoco, I haven’t been up to date on other series airing this season. However, I did catch the K-On! Movie the other day, and damn, that was a really enjoyable movie. As some may know, I really don’t enjoy Slice of Life anime as much as other genres. Of course, this really only applies to those like Lucky Star, Nichijou, and A-Channel. I like plot progression, and usually those I watch involve some sort of story within. However, K-On! proves to be the exception, as I enjoyed every minute of this show. I don’t know why it holds the charm it does, but I really enjoyed it.

I’ve still been spending my time playing Ys Origin, which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys Action games. I love the battle mechanics, and although I feel some parts are ridiculous, the game provides an enjoyable experience. The boss battles are big and fun, and they definitely test your skills when playing in higher difficulties. I’m rather curious to other games in the series, as this one caught my interest in a very good way. As for the Tales of games, I’ve been taking a little break after beating Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. A terrible game to stop at, but I really needed a break from those games for a bit.

Well, I think everything on my mind has been said. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


March, and something gets done!

I find this show enjoyable, but it lacks a few moments of awesomeness.
Heyos Everyones!

I’ve decided to clean up the blog with a new layout and color scheme, which I believe increases the overall visibility of the site. The only thing I’m really looking to change is the link color, and anything I’ve missed while applying the change. All minor things that can be fixed over the next few days. In addition, the new site should be ready in the coming days, but I may hold off on changing the way the site runs until the actual website has content, not just the blog.

I recently watched the latest episodes of Persona 4, and I must say I really like the way it has all come together. As one who has played the games, I know what’s going to happen, but the anime is surprisingly true to the story and although the animation can be quite lazy at times, an enjoyment to watch. I have plans to watch Kill Me Baby! and Nisemonogatari, but I’ve only watched the first episode and haven’t really started watching those yet. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I haven’t set aside time to watch anime. I’m close to being caught up with Amagami SS+ and…

As I look at my backlog, I just now realize I haven’t been keeping up with Guilty Crown, Highschool DxD, Milky Holmes II(Which I will admit, is quite cringeworthy at times), and Mouretsu Pirates. Which means I must set aside some time tonight to catch up, because I also have a million games on my backlog, and I don’t know how I’m going to catch up with so many distractions on the internet. Seriously, I spend 99% of my time surfing tvtropes, youtube, or a forum such as Sonic Retro and Cheap Ass Gamer.

Speaking of games, I just ordered a game from Japan that I’ve been meaning to buy for awhile now. But with Tales of Graces f coming out March 13(Which I have pre-ordered and can’t wait to put on my backlog of a million games), I figure now is a better time than ever to buy it.

Regardless, I plan on updating more now (Especially now that I have a nice keyboard to type on), and with a new computer, I intend to finish the projects I left behind a little over a year ago. So, on that note, have a great night!

(Funny, as I close out this post, Galo Sengen decides to come on. When this song comes on, I don’t know what to think, it’s like…”What?”)